Thematic Sessions

Thematic Sessions

Fluids Topics

  • FM01 Biological Fluid Mechanics
  • FM02 Boundary Layers
  • FM03 Combustion and Flames
  • FM04 Compressible Flows
  • FM05 Convection
  • FM06 Drops, Bubbles and Interfaces
  • FM07 Multiphase and Particle-Laden Flows
  • FM08 Flow Instability and Transition
  • FM09 Thin Film Flows
  • FM10 Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • FM11 Low-Reynolds-number flows and suspensions
  • FM12 Micro- and Nano-fluidics
  • FM13 Non-Newtonian and Complex Fluids
  • FM14 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • FM15 Turbulence
  • FM16 Vortex Dynamics
  • FM17 Waves in Fluids
  • FM18 Electro- and Magneto- Hydrodynamics
  • FM19 Other Topics in Fluid Mechanics

Solids Topics

  • SM01 Biomechanics and Biomaterials
  • SM02 Tribology - Contact and Friction
  • SM03 Damage Mechanics
  • SM04 Elasticity
  • SM05 Fracture Mechanics
  • SM06 Geophysics and Geomechanics
  • SM07 Impact Mechanics and Wave Propagation
  • SM08 Multi-component, Composites and Hierarchical Materials
  • SM09 Phase Transformations and Thermomechanical Phenomena
  • SM10 Sizescale Effects in Materials
  • SM11 Multibody and Vehicle Dynamics
  • SM12 Nanostructures and MEMS
  • SM13 Plasticity, Viscoplasticity and Creep
  • SM14 Stability and Instability of Materials and Structures
  • SM15 Computational Solid Mechanics
  • SM16 Vibrations and Control of Structures
  • SM17 Soft Materials and Extremely Deformable Structures
  • SM18 Metamaterials
  • SM19 Other Topics in Solid Mechanics

Solids/Fluids Topics

  • FS01 Acoustics
  • FS02 Exascale Computing
  • FS03 Experimental Methods in Mechanics
  • FS04 Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation
  • FS05 Porous Media
  • FS06 Fluid Structure Interactions
  • FS07 Smart Actuating Systems
  • FS08 Granular Materials and Flows
  • FS09 Foams and Cellular Materials
  • FS10 Optimization for Solids and Fluids
  • FS11 Inverse problems in fluid and solid mechanics
  • FS12 Education in Mechanics

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